Sandy and her metal Post

Reptiles bone is very thick and hard.  It is normally an excellent type of bone to work with.  However, Sandy had breaks in her bones where the bone was very thin and even the smallest drill would be too thick to drill through the bone.  Here the the metal pole has been bent to fit her face.  Small holes were made in the skin and then wire was pushed through, wrapping round the pole and also the bone.  Fortunately, reptile skin is very thick and is able to support the wire.

Sandy had to have an anaesthetic for this procedure.  She was given an injection to make her relax, and then given an intravenous injection into the tail vein to make her go to sleep.  Once asleep she has a tube placed into her windpipe and then is given gas and air.  Reptiles have no diaphragm, so a small machine to make her breathe is used.  This is a form of artificial ventilation.

Sandy was also going to need support after her operation as her wounds were multiple.  A tube can be seen on her body.  A small incision is made in her neck and the tube pushed into the stomach.  This means that food, water, antibiotics and pain killers can also be given.  Sandy is also pregnant!

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