About ‘Reptiles are Cool’

Siuna Ann Reid is a vet with over twenty years’ experience working with reptiles. She holds a certificate in zoo medicine (reptiles, small mammals and exotic birds) and owns a successful veterinary practice, The Veterinary Health Centre (TVHC), in Lytham St. Anne’s near Blackpool, Lancashire. Having seen many reptiles neglected due to a lack of information regarding their basic needs, Siuna has produced this book to help fill in some vital gaps of knowledge.

“The idea for the books and website have really been born from frustration. So many reptiles are bought as first pets for children as they appear to be easy and low maintenance. Often illness is not recognised for weeks or months and then a poor emaciated creature is brought in for treatment. Being presented with a skeleton to treat and make better is so depressing and often futile. In order to prevent this from happening I want to educate those who want to learn. There is so much to find out and so many amazing facts about reptiles. When I graduated in 1990 there were few books. Now there are books the size of an encyclopedia and the information we are learning about this group of pets is expanding and increasing at a phenomenal rate. Unfortunately, there are not many books aimed at youngsters which give clear, simple care instructions regarding this exciting, and relatively new group of pets and I hope to remedy this with this easy-to-follow range of books.”

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