Amazon reviews for Understanding Your Gecko

“Book is attractive paperback with lots of relevant information and detailed illustrations. Gives good guidance on care of pet gecko.” Kathleen Williams

“I bought this book for my daughter who has been wanting a gecko for ages. As a responsible pet owner and parent I wanted her to get as much information about looking after a gecko. I was pleasantly surprised with how well this book had been written and put across. We both have a much better understanding on how to look after our new soon to be gecko. Thank you Siuna Reid.” Caz

“Reptiles are Cool is very well written and easy to understand for those owning, or with an interest in Gecko’s. Great illustrations and very well broken down with relevant headings that makes pleasant reading and for a quick and easy future reference.” Chris Sharp

“I bought this book as my son has been wanting a pet gecko and I myself had no idea how to care for one. I was amazed by how simply such important information was put across. The book had symbols and pictures which were easily recognisable as well as information about what to do if your pet gets ill. Needless to say we bought the gecko and now my son too has read the book as it is easy enough for him to understand. This is an infrmative book with everything you need to know in.” j123lodge

“This is a great little starter book and gives lots of information. I bought it as a gift your a youngster who is interested in getting a pet and this was really helpful. Nice and colourful with diagrams to explain without dumbing it down. Plenty of practical advice about keeping the gecko fit and healthy and about feeding. Very useful.” JMR

“Bought this book for my grandson who is fascinated with all reptiles. He was enthralled by the book and we enjoyed reading it together. Very informative easy to follow with great illustrations. A must buy for anyone considering buying a Gecko or who already has one.” Stella Peters

“I bought this book recently for my daughter who has a gecko. I found it really useful as it had short paragraphs and it was very easy to understand. The pictures and photographs were very informative and ideal for anybody owning a gecko for the first time.” lrl3001