First Blog- Sandy

Just after her accident!

Just after her accident!

Sandy, is a female bearded dragon who is well loved and looked after.  She lives, like many reptiles in a multi reptile household.  Reptiles are addictive.  Sandy was out in the room, taking some exercise and was attacked by the monitor lizard that also lived in the house.  A misunderstanding had led to both lizards being out and about at the same time.

Bearded dragons are mainly leaf eaters and insectiverous.  Monitor lizards are true oppurtunists.  Even a bearded dragon appeared to be on the menu.

The damage done to Sandy was considerable.  The owners could see that her lower jaw was broken and the skin was hanging off.  They took her to the surgery to see me and we examined Sandy.

Sandy had a broken lower jaw in two places that could be seen.  The skin had been removed from her face and there were numerous cuts and bruises over her body and head.  Her tail had several puncture marks and when she was first examined, it looked like she may have been paralysed in her back legs.


Sandy was admitted into the hospital and placed into one of our hospital vivariums.  She was given fluids under her skin and antibiotics to help fight infection from the bite wounds.  Pain relief was given and the whole body was cleaned in iodone and povidene.